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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Facebook – unlike. In fact, Despise.

Facebook kills communication. It devalues the beauty of the written word, rendering it a cheap, bastardised, lesser form of itself. The barrage of mindless messages flitting between the vacuous minds of facebook's self-selected drones has done to literature what Britney Spears did to music. And all at a price mind you.

The idea is novel. What do people want? To be heard by other people - and to hear other people themselves. Humans also have an urge to peer over garden fences, and peep behind curtains. Facebook (the online human zoo), among other websites, is simply the online version of this natural voyeurism. Except someone is watching you, while your playing peeping-tom.

People will argue that social-networks have it's benefits, and they surely do. But the amount of pop-up advertising, time-wasting links and pouty self-portraits is enough to make a venereal-disease ridden sailor nauseous.

Communication is amazing, exhilarating and priceless. But the exploitative nature of websites like facebook mask the true intentions of the creators. Hiding behind a fuzzy shield of 'connecting people', the creators sit laughing on multi-million dollar profits, selling YOUR information to the highest bidder.

It's all about money. Advertising. Promoting. Surveying. Gleaning personal information for market research. All in the name name of the mighty dollar. 'connecting people' indeed; more like 'connecting' a clique of capitalist-vultures with a large amount of cash.

The majority of people, who use social networking, don't even realise how much they gamble when they log on. It's easy to pretend that a website like facebook really was set up to help you keep in touch with Granny. But whoa there! Think for a minute, look around, be cynical, and ask yourself if it's really worth it.

Selling your soul for a look at someone else's.

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  1. Totally love this post, really gets you thinking!